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Andrew Amos, Electrician

Located in Kapunda, South Australia.
Services available:
– electrical wiring
– new installations, upgrades or repairs
– domestic
– small industrial
– TV antenna installation and repairs
– computer problem repairs, including virus detection and removal, upgrades, networking problems etc
– installation of solar lighting, pumps etc . Please note that I am not solar accredited, so you cannot claim any solar credits (if applicable) for work I might do
– appliance repairs
– website development, including wordpress with custom scripting (including css, javascript, php, perl) along with database design and implementation
– industrial control, including programming PLCs, design of custom systems, arduino etc. E.g. I converted the clock on the Anglican church to now run by micro computer, using a GPS receiver as timing source. It automatically adjusts for power outages and daylight saving.

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A collection of interesting wiring found around Kapunda!



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