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Kapunda High School

West Terrace, Kapunda SA 5373
Phone: 8566 2203
Email: dl.0779.info@schools.sa.edu.au
Web: www.kapundahs.sa.edu.au

October 2015: Victoria Newbold was a joint winner of the Credit Union SA secondary teaching award. Victoria is a Music, English, History and Musical Production teacher at Kapunda High School, and well and truly deserves this award.

Kapunda High is a country school with a rich history and a vibrant?technological future.

In 1922, Sir Sidney Kidman donated his residence “Eringa” to the Education Department for use as a High School.

This magnificent old residence is still part of the school, and adds to its uniqueness.

The building holds a special place in the hearts of students,?staff and the community, and is set in attractive grounds.

Kapunda High School has a fine academic tradition and offers a friendly,?personal atmosphere with commitment, dedication and a caring approach from staff.

KHS offers an excellent range of subjects with students achieving high academic results.

We also offer a good range of extracurricular activities for?students.

At Kapunda High School we:

  • Strive for excellence in all endeavors.
  • Respect all people and treating them accordingly
  • Be honest in all that we do
  • We value the diversity of our school community

For further information or a prospectus, please contact the school, email or visit the website.
Eringa Building

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